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Underfloor Heating Kits

Enjoy the warmth of underfloor heating in your home by choosing from a selection of underfloor heating kits.

No matter what flooring you have – wood, laminate, tile, carpet or concrete -  there is a kit to suit. This is a versatile heating system. It works well in any room, from the bathroom to the living room. You can opt for single zone underfloor heating kits for a single or one-room application or, for heating across the home, choose the multi-zone kit. We stock kits that offer the best sub-floor and protective layer to match your floor structure- including floating floors, concrete sub-floors and more.

The key benefit of underfloor heating is affordability. Running and maintenance costs are minimal and with our underfloor kits being great value too, your budget will stretch further than you think. Our experts will be happy to help make sure you have the right system for the job.


Why Choose an Underfloor Heating Kit?

Underfloor heating kits can deliver significant savings to your heating bill. They keep your home at a toasty warm temperature, whilst fully using every unit of energy. As well as saving you money, there are environmental benefits to underfloor heating that means you are playing your part in caring for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

There are even more benefits when opting for this efficient heating system: -

  • The simplicity of the heating system coupled with easy installation all point to low maintenance costs, a welcome additional saving.
  • This method of heating your home delivers a comfortable temperature, so you are never too cold or too hot. This seems to be a common problem with other heating systems.
  • Underfloor heating kits work best with hard flooring solutions including wood, tiles, laminate and polished concrete. Hard floors mean improved cleanliness throughout the home because dust is easier to sweep away.
  • It is a system that can be used with a low-TOG rated carpet too.
  • With the multi-zone system and responsive thermostat, you can control and vary temperature in individual rooms too. You’ll never find yourself waking up cold again.
  • Save space. Floor heating means no radiators on the walls.
  • Enjoy even heating too, with no cold or hot spots to worry about

Which Floors Work Best with Underfloor Heating Kits?

Underfloor heating works with a range of flooring solutions from carpet to tiles and polished concrete.

What is important is that you choose the right kit to work with the sub-floor. The overlay kit offers a firm surface that protects the water pipes beneath whilst providing a strong surface to lay your final floor on. We have a separate kit specifically for use with tiled floors. This offers increased firmness for individual tiles.

Our low-profile water heating kits work well for retro-fitting into properties too. This is an ideal solution if you want all the benefits of underfloor heating but none of the disruption of laying the system.

Choosing the Right Kit

Choosing the right underfloor heating kit for your home has never been easier – call our expert team on 01625 573454 or drop us a line

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