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Plumbing Fittings and Accessories 

The pipe work and pumps that push the warm water around your underfloor heating system need to be plumbed in correctly; this is much easier than it sounds, and Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies stocks unbeatable quality plumbing supplies to fit both domestic and commercial purposes.

- Crimp pipe fittings: these are ideal for carrying large amounts of pressurised hot water around your system. They have been deliberately deformed and compressed against an inner tube, creating an incredibly tight and secure fit.

- Compression joints: these use a fitted thermoplastic ring to create an effective seal.

- Straights, Elbows and Tees: the pipe work for an underfloor heating system needs effective and reliable joints and fittings, allowing water to flow around the whole system with no bottlenecks.

- End caps: the effectiveness of an underfloor heating system relies on reliable air and water tight seals, and secure end caps are crucial for this.

- Manifolds: these control the flow of the hot water around the system, enabling efficient use of water. They also control the mix of hot and cold water thus regulating the system temperature.

Why Choose Us for
Your Plumbing Supplies? 

Our plumbing manifolds are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), an organisation that works to prevent contamination of public water supplies by approving only the highest quality of plumbing fittings.

The essence of most underfloor heating systems is simplicity and compatibility. Our systems are compatible with most flooring types, simple to install, and every part necessary in its construction is available from Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies extensive range of plumbing fittings. They are designed to be long lasting, ensuring that there will never be a mad scramble to locate any leaks.