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Unequal Tee's

Like most heating systems, underfloor heating is a system that is under pressure. To ensure you get the best quality of heating, the only components you should be using are from leading manufacturers - such as Rifeng.

Rifeng has a global reputation for developing plumbing and heating components that stand the test of time. The crimp or compression unequal tee fittings that they offer are no compromise.

Compression and Crimp-Fitting Unequal Tee Components

A simple system, underfloor heating requires very little in the way of specialist tools and components. This makes our range of fittings ideal for your underfloor heating installation project. The Rifeng tee fitting range includes components that are very familiar to plumbers. It is available in crimp and pressure fittings, and they require no special tools.

  • The compression fitting tee is fitted in the same way as a traditional copper compression fitting. Slide the nut and olive over the pipe, place the insert in, and tighten with a spanner.
  • The crimp fitting unequal tee offers an extra secure groove. The nickel and brass plated fitting come with a double O-ring for even more security.

 Both varieties of the unequal tee pipe fitting come in a range of sizes too.

Choose the Best for Your Underfloor Heating Project

Complete with a long guarantee, quality Rifeng unequal tee components give you peace of mind for trouble-free underfloor heating operation. Feel free to call our team for more details

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