Water Underfloor Heating System - 10.0m²

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Creating the perfect underfloor heating system for your home or commercial premises is only a step away with our complete warm water underfloor heating system. With sufficient pipe length to cover 10m², has all the high quality products and part that you would expect.

- 7.5 m² @ 150mm spacing for areas of high heat loss
- 10.0 m² @ 200mm spacing for primary heating
- 15.0 m² @ 300mm spacing for secondary heating

Incl. Vat: £330.00 £275.00
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Manual Thermostat - Included
Digital Programmable Thermostat
Wireless Digital Thermostat + Receiver
Neostat Thermostat + Neo Hub – White
Wireless NeoAir Thermostat + Neo Hub - White

Creating zones over larger areas or having a system fit exactly in a space is the key to heat being spread evenly throughout a floor. Radiated heat is far gentler and more comfortable, one of the reasons why our underfloor heating systems are popular for both domestic and commercial applications.

Easy installation

With high quality components, our system packs leave others in the shade.

Installation is simple too, especially as you have all the right pieces or equipment to ensure that everything falls in to place.

  • High strength Pex-Al-Pex, WRAS approved piping does not split under pressure and can withstand high temperatures too
  • Fixings and connectors are robust and of the highest quality for hassle-free operation
  • Our expert knowledge will solve any installation or operating problem you have

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Order online or for further help and information, contact our friendly team via email info@underfloorheatingtradesupplies.co.uk or to talk to our experts on 01625 573454.


50 metres -- Professional Grade 5 Layer Pex-Al-Pex pipe -- WRAS Approved 
- "A" Rated Low Energy Grundfoss 3 Speed Circulation Pump
- Automatic Water Temperature Control Mixing Valve
-DS1 Room Thermostat
- Isolating Valves
- Flow And Return Connections
- High Grip Pipe Clips
- Pipe Reamer
- 50m Edge Insulation

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