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Wet Overlay Systems

Wet underfloor heating relies on warm or hot water being pumped through a network of underfloor pipes to heat the floor and the room.

Underfloor heating insulation boards are essential so that as much of this heat is retained and used as possible. In some cases, valuable heat can be lost through the floor. Our underfloor heating boars prevent this with pipes laid in the pre-cut groves.

Available in three formats with pre-cut groove spacing, we have the under floor boards that your project needs.

High quality underfloor heating insulation boards at a great price

Underfloor heating is cost-effective to install and run. With underfloor heating insulation boards, it means that it is an even more effective system, using as much of the heat as possible to heat the entire floor.

Covering just under a square meter, our underfloor heating boards are compatible with most wet underfloor heating systems.

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