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End Cap (Compression)

End Cap Compression Fittings

Wet underfloor heating uses hot water circulated under high pressure to distribute heat, so watertightness is crucial to the efficient running of the system. And while leaks aren’t desirable in any water piping system, in underfloor heating, they can cause unseen damage under the floor. That’s why highly secure connectors, such as end cap compression fittings, are recommended.

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High-Quality End Cap Compression Fittings for Secure Systems

Our WRAS-certified high-quality end cap compression fittings have a thermoplastic ring, which is compressed onto the pipe and held in place with a compression nut. The soft metal of the pipe is conformed to the fitting, forming a very effective seal. They’re made from high-quality plated brass with a double ‘o’ ring seal and are easily installed or disassembled with a spanner. While they’re ideal for wet underfloor heating, they can also be used for central heating and drinking water supply systems. We offer compression stop end caps in various sizes to suit your needs, alongside equal straight and male straight F1 compression fittings.

Free Advice and Free Delivery on Compression Stop End Caps

When you order your end cap compression fittings from Underfloor Trading Supplies, you’ll get two important things completely free: swift delivery, and support from our expert team. We also offer convenient payment options via our secure checkout, or via PayPal, and low prices, thanks to our Price Match guarantee. Plus, if you order by 11:30 and your item is in stock, you’ll get it next day.

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