Wet Underfloor Heating Kit 200 sq mtr

Designing and installing a new heating system in a property can sound like a task that only a professional can do.

But with our underfloor heating kits, everything you need is conveniently supplied. Better still, it connects to your current boiler – it can act as an independent heating system or can be combined with central heating. However you choose to install it, underfloor heating is a cost-efficient means of heating your property. 

- 150.0 m² @ 150mm spacing for areas of high heat loss
- 200.0 m² @ 200mm spacing for primary heating
- 300.0 m² @ 300mm spacing for secondary heating

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With our water underfloor heating kit, everything you need is included from the smallest tool to the best in branded components.

Take a look at the water underfloor heating kit

  • Plastic piping – high strength, non-splitting, there is no better piping than the WRAS approved Pex-Al-Pex piping supplied in our kit
  • Heat pump – A+ rated Grundfos 3 Speed heat pump ensures maximum heat output, with minimal energy use and cost
  • Thermostat – easy to use room thermostat supplied, perfect for responsive heat control in a space or room
  • Specialist tools – from clips to the specialist reaming tool for secure connection between piping and connectors
  • Dualmox Manifold – Dualmix manifold with isolating valves, temperature gauges, lock shield with flow metres on each port, drain and fill valves with blank cap, automatic air vents and metal fixing brackets


Kit contents:
– Temperature control and pump unit
– 10 Zone Dualmix Manifold -- Including: Manifold Isolating Valves x 2 - Temperature Guage x 2 - Lockshields with flow meters on each port - Drain/fill valves with blank cap x 2 - Automatic air vent x 2 - Metal fixing brackets x 2
– Pex-Al-Pex Pipe [1000]
– 60mm Pipe Clips [x100]
– Edge Insulation Roll [100m]
– Connector Cores [x20]
– Digital Programmable Thermostat
– Pipe Reamer

Not sure if this is the right kit for you?

Unsure as to how much piping you will need for the room in question? Unsure if there are other components you will need?

Our friendly, expert team is only a phone call away on 01625 573454. Or drop us a line info@underfloorheatingtradesupplies.co.uk


-Pex-Al-Pex 5 layer pipe (Fully WRAS accredited)
-FN5C manifold complete with isolating ball valves-temperature gauges-auto air vents and drain points-adjustable flow meters
-Grundfos "A" rated 15/20 pump and blender valve
-Pipe Clips 
-Edge Insulation Roll  
-Connector cores 
-Pipe Reamer  

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