12mm X 50 Mtr Pex-Al-Pex Pipe

-Easy to cut, bend and fit
-High mechanical strength
-Service temperatures: 40°C - 95°C. 
-Maximum working pressure: 10bar
-Corrosion free
-25 yr guarantee
-Aluminium core prevents the ingress of oxygen. 

Incl. Vat: £60.00 £50.00
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The Multi-layer Pipe System is an advanced, very hard wearing, and easy to work with system. It is manufactured using a well-engineered combination of toughened Pex plastic and overlap welded aluminium. It is a composite of high quality materials means that multi-layer pipe has similar strength and durability to metal pipes such as copper, but also is lightweight and easy to cut, shape and install like plastic pipes. It is a tried and tested product, designed to to give plumbers and installers the perfect balance of dependability and ease of installation.

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