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9 Innovative Garage Conversion Ideas for UK Homes

t’s time to clear out the clutter and come up with some garage conversion ideas that will transform your home garage into a usable space.

Garages, especially in the UK, often become a dumping ground for tools, Christmas decorations, and sports equipment instead of fulfilling their original purposes of keeping cars safe and covered. 

In fact, a survey by the RAC revealed that 6 million UK garages are so full of junk that a car can’t fit inside them1. With ⅓ of Brits claiming their houses are too small2 if we aren’t using our garages for our cars, why are we all sleeping on taking advantage of the extra space?

What to Consider

Before you start making a grand plan for your garage conversion ideas, there are a lot of legal restrictions and regulations that need to be considered. If you aren’t aware of what you can or can’t do, you might land yourself in hot water further down the line. You could even put yourself and your home in danger by not following the rules.

  1. Planning permission – the two words that all home DIYers dread the most. But planning permission is there for a reason – to stop you from making expensive legal mistakes, breaching property boundary lines, and oftentimes to keep you safe. Generally, you won’t need planning permission for a garage conversion if the work is minimal and doesn’t affect the exterior. However, you will nearly always need permission if you are turning it into a livable space – e.g. a maisonette or guest house3. Always check with your local council before you do any major work on your garage. You can look up detailed rules via the Planning Portal.
  2. Building regulations – this belongs in the same priority category as planning permission. Before you start making plans, you need to ensure everything that you do follows building regulations. Do your research thoroughly, and consider getting an external company involved to draw your plans up and advise you in this area.
  3. Electrics/plumbing – it goes without saying that you shouldn’t install electricity or plumbing on your own unless you know what you’re doing. Think about whether you need to add more power sources or plumbing into the space before you draw your plans up.
  4. Heating – something that many people don’t consider installing in their garage conversion is heating, but it can completely transform your space so if worthwhile looking into. Choosing an underfloor heating system will save space whilst allowing you to have efficient, radiant heating. This expands the possibilities of what the space can be used for.
  5. Insulation – there’s no point in installing heating in your garage if you have no insulation. This should be at the top of your priority list, especially if you are thinking of turning your garage into a bedroom or hang-out space. Good insulation will make all the difference in the winter.

Garage Conversion Ideas

Now you know the most important considerations to keep in mind, let’s dive into our favourite garage extension ideas. We hope you find some great inspiration!

Home Gym

home gym

One of the most popular garage conversion ideas is to create a home gym. This is because it’s the perfect space for working out, and you can easily control the temperature and ventilation. This is one space that won’t necessarily mean you have to take the garage door out, as you’ll want to have a good air flow whilst you’re working out. Plus, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours!

Home Office

Another popular option is to create a home office. If you work from home, or often find yourself working on projects in the evenings and weekends, having your own dedicated space can make a world of difference. It also means you can keep work and home life separate, which can be great for your productivity and mental health.

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Spare Room

Another fantastic option for your garage is to turn it into a spare room. If you find yourself as the host for every family occasion, but wish that you had a little extra space for people to stay in, this might be the perfect solution. Of course, you’ll have to check with your local council that you are allowed to use your garage for this purpose and see what you need to do to bring it up to standard.

Smart Storage


If you’re not sure what to do with your garage, but know that you need some extra storage space, then this is a great solution. By adding some smart storage solutions, you can utilise the entire space and create a place for everything. This is especially useful if you have a lot of outdoor equipment or tools that you need to store somewhere.

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Man Cave / She Shed

You’ve probably heard of man caves and sheds, and they are an excellent way to make use of your garage space. Whether you want to add a bar, pool table or just a comfy chair to relax in, this is the perfect way to create a place to escape and be yourself.

Craft Room/Workshop


If you’re a fan of crafts or DIY, then converting your garage into a craft room or workshop is a great idea. This way you can have all your supplies on hand, and you won’t have to worry about making a mess in the house that needs to be tidied up at the end of every day.

Garage Conversion FAQs

  1. How much does it cost to convert a garage in the UK

This depends entirely on how much work needs to be done and what you are planning on doing with the space. Generally, a garage conversion will cost anywhere between £7,000 – £20,0004.

  1. Does converting a garage add value to your home?

A quality garage conversion can add value to your home. If it is done properly, you could be looking at a value increase of 20%5.

  1. Can you turn a garage into a living space?

Yes, but you will need planning permission and you will need to follow relevant building regulations.



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