Low Profile Overlay System - 30M2

Adding a low profile wet underfloor heating system is a cost-effective and energy efficient way of heating a property, either domestic or commercial.

With our low profile kit, it also means you don’t have to dig down into the sub floor, a common concern when laying a wet underfloor system to an existing property.

Simply lay the panels onto your existing screed/floor boards, install the pipe and cover with a interlocking plywood or chipboard floor

Find out what’s included in the kit. 

N.B. These panels are not suitable for tiling directly onto. Please see our "Solid-Floor Tile Direct System"

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Underfloor heating provides a gentler heat in a property, suitable for both domestic and commercial premises. Our low profile overlay system is perfect for hard sub-floors as well as floating floors such as floorboards and add very little in the way of floor height too.

A complete underfloor heating kit

    • 18mm x 1200mm x 600mm low profile overlay panels for use on a hard sub floor or floating floor (x42)
    • An A-rated Grundfos 15-50/60 heat pump
    • Digital thermostat for easy control of temperature
    • 80m Professional grade Pex al Pex  plastic piping that doesn’t warp or split (x3)
    • 3 Port Dualmix manifold faultless performance time after time Including: Manifold Isolating Valves x 2 - Temperature Guage x 2 - Lockshields with flow meters on each port - Drain/fill valves with blank cap x 2 - Automatic air vent x 2 - Metal fixing brackets x 2
    • Reaming tool 

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PANEL SIZE: Length 1200mm, Width 600mm, Depth 18mm (Each panel = 0.72m2)
DESIGN: Each panel has 4 grooves @ 150mm centres + 'bulb' shaped returns with 3 straight runs at the top for flow and returns

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