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Gas Hose Fittings and Gas Pipe Fittings 

Wet underfloor heating systems use your boiler to heat the water, which is then pumped around the underfloor pipes. In the majority of UK homes, the boilers are run on gas, and these gas boilers will easily convert from heating radiators to heating an underfloor hot water system. Here at Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies we include top quality gas pipe fittings in our ever-expanding product range.


What is FlexiGas? 

Originally designed for protecting gas supplies in dangerous earthquake zones, FlexiGas is a semi rigid, stainless steel, flexible gas piping. Suitable for both domestic and commercial uses, it is a durable alternative to traditional rigid copper or steel.

FlexiGas pipes can be snaked through and around obstacles, such as walls or joists, allowing for fewer fittings and joints. Fewer fittings will mean fewer leakage points, which is obviously crucial from a health and safety standpoint. Another safety angle is its bright yellow coating, making it easily distinguishable as a gas pipe. Furthermore, being extremely lightweight, flexible gas pipes are easy and safe to manoeuvre into position, needing no specialised tools to enable their installation. This is why more and more people are using them alongside their underfloor heating systems.


Flexigas is Safer and Easier to Install 

Semi Rigid Stainless-Steel Tubing (CSST Tubing) is manufactured from steel that is formed into corrugations; this make is so easy to handle and flex whilst maintaining the integrity of steel. Requiring fewer fittings and joints, and dramatically speeding up instillation times, FlexiGas is an economical choice for your underfloor heating system. It even has numerical markings measuring off every meter!

The FlexiGas system is approved by BSI under the KiteMark certification scheme (#598726) and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15266:2007. Underfloor Heating Supplies offers trade terms on FlexiGas gas pipes & fittings, with bulk trades, free quotations and efficient next day delivery available.

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