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Suitable for either domestic or commercial properties, our overlay wet underfloor heating system includes everything that you need to install and run the system.

The floating floor system can be used on a screed floor or floorboards and, with the kit compatible with most radiator systems, installing it really is as simple as 1,2,3.

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With everything in the kit that you need, installing the system is simple, easy and straightforward.

What’s included?

  • The panels are laid on screed flooring or floorboards and then the piping installed
  • High strength piping – WRAS approved, Pert-Al-Pert plastic piping – that doesn’t split when cut and can withstand changes in temperature and pressure
  • Energy efficient Grundfos 3 speed heat pump
  • Dualmix manifold with high calibre components
  • Easy to use room thermostat for responsive control of heat
  • Specialist tools including reaming tool for secure, leak proof connection between piping and connectors, pipe cutter and clips for secure fastening.
  • Simple add your choice of flooring over interlocking plywood or chipboard flooring


Kit contents:
– Temperature control and pump unit
– 2 Zone Dualmix Manifold -- Including: Manifold Isolating Valves x 2 - Temperature Guage x 2 - Lockshields with flow meters on each port - Drain/fill valves with blank cap x 2 - Automatic air vent x 2 - Metal fixing brackets x 2
– Pert-Al-Pert Pipe [200]
– Pipe Reamer
– Connector Cores [x4]
– Heatmiser Dial Type Thermostat
– 1200mmx1200mmx25mm eps100 pre-grooved insulation panels (x24)

Need help and expert advice?

With Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies, everything you need is only a click or a phone call away, including expert hints and tips to make installation and operation of underfloor heating system smoother.

Email us on info@underfloorheatingtradesupplies.co.uk or call our friendly team on 01625 573454

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