52M Tile-On Overlay Board Kit

20mm Tile Direct Overlay Board

-- EPS 400 rapid response Overfloor heating board
-- 200 microns of pre-bonded aluminium
-- Width: 600mm
-- Depth: 20mm 
-- Length: 1200mm
-- Weight: 1.0kg
-- Coverage: 0.72m2
-- Spacing: 150mm

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Everything you need in one fantastic kit

Some kits promise to be complete and yet you still find yourself looking for a specialist tool or other components.

But not with our low profile overlay underfloor heating systems;

  • Pex Al Pex, WRAS approved plastic piping – this high strength component does not warp or split under temperature or pressure
  • Grundfos 15-50/60 heat pump – as a low energy heat pump, you have peace of mind you can turn up the temperature without ramping up the heating bill
  • Dualmix manifold - with isolating valves, temperature gauges, lock shield with flow metres on each port, drain and fill valves with blank cap, automatic air vents and metal fixing brackets
  • Low profile, overlay boards – with a thickness of 20mm, the height added to your existing floor is minimal; they measure 1200mm x 600mm and can be tiled directly onto with flexible adhesive.


 Our EPS 400 Overfloor boards are laminated with thick 200 micron aluminium for ultimate rapid heating with  400KPA high compression strength.  200 microns will give optimum system performance, aluminium any thicker than 200 microns offers no improvement in performance.
MAPEI approved for tiling directly onto - NO intermediate layers or levelling screed required!
EPS 400 overfloor boards are super strong, easy to fit and designed to be fitted over any existing or new floor. They can be simply cut to shape using a fine toothed saw or craft knife.
Suitable for Laminate, Wood, Carpet Vinyl and even TILES.
Quick to install using Spray contact adhesive ready for use straight away.
Fully approved by Mapei for tiling directly onto.
 EPS 400 - the strongest EPS board available (400KPA)
 200 microns aluminium for optimum Rapid Response® performance
 Mapei approved for tiling directly onto
 Easy to cut to shape with basic tools
 Eliminates the moisture, weight, mess and lengthy drying times of a screed Underfloor system
Laminate and engineered wood can be laid directly on top or tiles can be fixed to the boards using Mapei approved adhesive. If you wish to carpet or lay vinyl a suitable backer board will need to be laid on the Overfloor boards.
Recommended maximum linear loop length of 100m (20mm board) / 60m (16mm board).



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