25mm WRAS Approved Multilayer Composite Pipe 50M

- Easy to cut, bend and fit.    
- High mechanical strength    
- Broad operating range(-20 to 95* C)
- Corrosion free      
- 100% oxygen barrier    
- 25 yr guarantee      

-WRAS certified. 

Incl. Vat: £156.00 £130.00
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 The combination of tough cross linked plastic and overlap welded  aluminium in our Multilayer Pipe produces an ideal product for both underfloor heating systems and drinking water situations alike. Being fully WRAS accredited it comes with a full 25 yr guarantee.

The aluminium core of the pipe gives it "shape memory" that means it can be bent by hand, retaining its shape afterwards. It is incredibly hard wearing and dependable and has thermal expansion properties similar to copper which means less sagging and far less strain on joints.

In addition  the pipe has a very broad operating temperature ranging from -20c to 95c making it suitable for a wide range of uses.